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Check out the video to Mystrogen’s 2009 UK Rap up produced by Colin Emmanuel a.k.a Black Einstein. A very witty and humourous sum up of all the shenanigans that took place in 2009.  I need not say more:

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logo_facebookFacebook is changing it’s layout once again.

The new layout is set to take effect on Wednesday 11th March 2009.

I remember the uproar caused when they announced that it would be changing to its current format: facebook groups were created in the form of petitions against the new page layout, of which, thousands of members joined.

Honestly, as you do, I’ve gotten used to the current layout. However, I’ll happily welcome a new layout that will enable certain features a lot easier to find. The new layout will apparently have a Twitter-like real-time news feed.  Sounds promising, I guess.

Have a look at Jemima Kiss’ (Media Guardian) brief guide to the new facebook layout.