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Yesterday (14th September) was my birthday. Yep, that time of year where you look back at the last 365 days of your life and think to yourself: “Wow, I’m not getting any younger”. When your Earthstrong comes round every year it’s a good time to sit and think about what you’ve  achieved in the last 12 months and where you hope to be (figuratively and literally) this time next year.

An interesting fact that I learned -which I’m quite surprised I didn’t know up until yesterday- is that I share the same birthday with the late, ultra talented singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. Here’s my favourite track of hers- ‘Rehab‘. May her soul rest in perfect peace.


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Leona Lewis was punched earlier this week at a book signing in London

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n85497682086_3804I’ve returned home from what can only be expressed as a truly uplifting evening out. Tantalizingly described on Facebook by its organisers  as “vibrant spoken word, emotive, intimate live music and saliva-conjuring short films”, I had to ask myself: ‘how can I possibly say no to Writer’s Block?’.

The event, which was scheduled to start at 7:30pm, was held at Juno Bar in Shoreditch, East London.

My favourite performers included songstress Floetic Lara, hip-hop verbalist Breis (pronounced breeze), soul artist Martyna Baker, poet Deanna Rodger and of course the 7 piece band The Illersapiens.

Floetic Lara was truly delightful. Her ultra positive aura had me smiling throughout the whole of her performance. She freestyled so well with the band that it could have almost been mistaken as rehearsed. You can tell that this lady is doing what she loves: the passion, and spiritualism is infectious. The tone and balance to her vocals was so soothing that I just had to buy her album. Love, love, love.

Breis. I remembered his name purely because he spelt it out when performing one of his tracks called Identity (It’s da B to da R to da E to da I to da S…) Loved the song and loved his humour and free-spiritedness even more.

MB effortlessly played the guitar as her impeccable voice told a story so touching, I was almost moved to tears.

DR kept me so engaged that I almost felt as though I was right there, living her ‘Love Story’: her ups, her downs, her woes fears, realizations, and her tears.

The Illersapiens topped off the night with spectacular live music (and yes my right shoulder bounced along to the beat, as requested by the band’s frontman). The band’s singer has a beautiful voice and the MC was so on point with his flow, his content and his finesse.

That’s not to say the others weren’t amazing but these acts really stood out to me.The poetry was deep, conscious and inspiring. Admittedly, many of the acts put me in a trance and all the performers definitely gave me food for thought. I left the bar feeling somewhat elated and strangely wanting to rhyme every sentence and speak in iambic pentameter. I suppose that’s how I know the ‘writer’s block’ has had its affect on me. Can’t wait for the next event.




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I felt very uneasy watching this interview but I think the interviewer, Jian Ghomeshi, handled it all really well. I wondered how I’d cope in such an awkward interview and came to the conclusion probably not as professionally.

Since Fish Go Deep released ‘The Cure and the Cause’ in 2007  I’ve been listening to a lot more funky house music (a loose definition for a commercially orientated disco influence sub-genre of house music).

What I like about this genre of music is its ability to totally immerse me in its smooth grooves . Its a kind of up-tempo, old skool garage cocktail with a hint of soca style beats, needing little in the way of lyrics.

I overheard some kids on the bus enthusiastically talking about a track called ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ by The Wiggles, at which point one of them thought it would be quite fitting to play it out loud on their mobile phone. Fortunately I was getting off at the next stop, so didn’t get a chance to hear the whole track. However, I was curious about the song that had excited the kids so much that their discussion actually turned into a mini dance off…so, as you do, YouTubed it when I got home. What I saw put a smile on my face.

“It’s time to get funky…Head, shoulders, knees and toes… Ladies Let me see you get down low… Man dem let me see you keep it sho.”

The video naturally triggered my memory back to my primary school days when the head, shoulders knees and toes game was a regular morning energizer. I like the edgey, stylistic and playful element to the dance interpretations. I admittedly wanted to join in (ok, I did). But I can totally understand how this song could get very annoying.

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