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I had a Nicki Minaj-athon on my ipod yesterday morning while carrying out some domesticities. I hadn’t realised just how good her album Pink Friday is. As much as some people slate her, her style is unique, eccentric and I like it. It suits her because she carries it off with such confidence. After all, as Gok Wan says *puts on Gok voice*: “It’s all about the confidence”.

I love how she has different fringe hairstyles in a range of colours, lengths, textures (frizzy, straight curly) and patterns (the leopard print ones – wow!)…

I finally got a Nicki-inspired fringe (well, just a fringe really) four weeks ago after much deliberation. I wasn’t too convinced when I looked in the mirror but my hairdresser reassured me that it suited me. It’s growing on me day by day and I’m used to it now. Mind you, I’m not as brave as Nicki to go for the bright colours.

What celebrity hairstyles have you been inspired by? Did it suit you? Were you one of those ladies who changed their hair colour when Rihanna or Cheryl Cole dyed their hair red?

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