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Is it me or does everyone seem to be having babies lately?! I know at least five people who have become parents within the last four weeks and another three who are expecting some time early next year. So I guess I’m going to be doing a lot of gift shopping. I love shopping for baby clothes! The lil ones grow so fast that you pretty much need to update their wardrobe (well, chest of drawers) every 3 months. Trouble is, I just want to buy almost everything I see (in essence, there’s not much difference when shopping for myself!!).

My heart melted when my husband’s colleagues put money together to buy our newborn a cute matching outfit from Baby Gap a few weeks ago.They bought it in 3-6 months so he’ll be big enough to wear it in the coming weeks.

Babies deserve to be stylish too. Here are my top six favourite stores to shop for baby and toddler clothes simply because of their good quality items, reasonable prices (some moreso than others) and up-to-date trendy styles:







Babies are super cute anyway, but dress them in even cuter clothes and they become adorable.

Have you had a baby recently or know anyone who has?

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Oh how time flies! It’s crazy, huh? It’s funny (funny interesting, not funny haha) how this time 12 weeks ago I pushed out me and my husband’s bundle of joy( pain rating 100/10- no exaggeration!!)

It still really hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m a mummy. All I know is that I wouldn’t swap the early morning feeds, or gazillion nappy changes for anything else.

Me at 36 weeks...Photography by Catherine Doherty

I’ve seen him grow so incredibly fast and he’s a lot more responsive now (as he should be by this stage). Not just a little ‘pooper- eater- sleeper’ anymore but a ‘hi-fiver-smiler-hugger’ too. I love being a mum. It’s such a rewarding feeling!

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