Yesterday (14th September) was my birthday. Yep, that time of year where you look back at the last 365 days of your life and think to yourself: “Wow, I’m not getting any younger”. When your Earthstrong comes round every year it’s a good time to sit and think about what you’ve  achieved in the last 12 months and where you hope to be (figuratively and literally) this time next year.

An interesting fact that I learned -which I’m quite surprised I didn’t know up until yesterday- is that I share the same birthday with the late, ultra talented singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. Here’s my favourite track of hers- ‘Rehab‘. May her soul rest in perfect peace.


Earlier today, I came across this video of a young boy in America who had been caught by the police for drinking under the legal age of 21. It made me chortle a little, but with all humour aside, the seriousness of the issues arising from the clip (parental involvement, education, mental health care etc), indicate that so much needs to be done to help support disadvantaged kids and give them more opportunities to better their lives. But of course, they need to be willing to help themselves first.

I, like many others who watched this, thought: “Where the hell are his parents?”. It’s obvious that the teen is from a broken home. It’s probable that from a very young age he was left to his own devices and certain acts of deviance have become the norm to him.  He’s emotionally torn and needs guidance or some sort of counselling. As much as he protests that he wants to go to prison, rather than juvenile hall, jail-with that mouth- will most definitely send him on the path of  destruction. His situation is not unique. Without sounding patronising, it’s a sad state of affairs.

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This is the video of when an Indian female gameshow (Dadagirl) host got slapped back by a male contestant, after being extremely disrespectful towards him.

Honestly, I cracked up laughing when I saw this. In a world where women fight for equality with men, I don’t think double standards should exist with those rights. If you slap someone, don’t expect that person to turn the other cheek- be prepared to have your very own palm imprint on your cheek.

Now, if he slapped her first then it would be a different story, but personally I think she deserved it. For every action there is a reaction, and she, quite frankly, got a dose of her own medicine. That shut her up- not so mouthy after that, was she?

The wimpish push the male host gave the contestant after the slap proves that he only intervened further because he got back-up. Below is what happened before the slap. Make of the whole thing, what you may: