Fun and Games

I logged into Facebook this morning (as you do), scrolled down my news feed and came across this:

1: Open Google Maps (directions)
2: Type China as your starting point
3: Type Taiwan as your destination.
4: Read step 48

Curiousity kills the cat, as they say, so I, being as obedient as I am, followed the steps. Let’s just say it kick-started my day with a smile….Epic fail or what!

As exciting (not to mention dangerous and exhausting!) as swimming across the Pacific Ocean sounds, I can’t swim for toffee so disappointingly my journey would end on step 47.

I also noticed that the travel method is by car. So erm, how how do you actually swim with your car? This conjured up hilarious images of a poor traveller desperately trying to get to the other side with a primitive looking rope around their waist attached to their vehicle. Le sigh.

All I can say is thank goodness for the invention of ferryboats and airplanes.


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Here’s the answer to yesterday’s Blackberry Messenger (BBM) riddle:

The young lady was hoping that the guy would show up to her sister’s funeral. This was a test that was carried out by a famous American psychologist to observe how closely the mental level of a person matches with that of a killer. Many convicted serial killers were analysed in the test and answered the question correctly. If you didn’t get it right then good for you. If you answered correctly, you have a criminal mind. 

Scarily, I responded within seconds and got it right. *BBM devil emoticon*

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I was sent this riddle to solve via Blackberry Messenger earlier today and thought I’d share it with you. Give it a go. I’ll put the answer up in 24 hours.

A young lady, while at the funeral of her mother, meets a guy who she has never met before in her life. She falls in love with him but he never proposes and she never finds him again. A few days later she kills her sister.

Q: What was her motive for killing her sister?

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