Joey Essex (Photo taken from

On this Wednesday’s episode of The Only Way Is Essex a.k.a. TOWIE (which I  just finished watching in ITV Player ’cause I missed it) , in a conversation with Kirk, Joey Essex asked:

“Asparagus? Is that broccoli?”

Erm, no Joey. Asparagus is asparagus. Just like broccoli is broccoli. He clearly hasn’t got a clue about his fruit and veg. Too busy being, looking and smelling “reem”,  I suppose. Now, if he had asked if asparagus was LIKE broccoli then he wouldn’t have come across so dopey. That one simple word ‘like’, which is so over used in Essex (though usually as an unnecessary additional word in the middle or at the end of a sentence), would have made such a difference. Nonetheless, you’ve got to love him for being him.

Oh, and don’t even get me started with Arg’s “How can he call us dumb and dumber? I’ve got 8 GCSEs!!”. Oh Lord!


“Never let schooling get in the way of education”- Mark Twain

How so true. Some people fail to realise that education extends far greater than just academics. One has to educate oneself in life also. To coin another great phrase, ‘experience is a great teacher’, and through experience one is educated. Getting out there, discovering new things, meeting all manner of people, and making mistakes all prove to be invaluable for one’s personal education.