Indian summer forecasted for this week in the UK >>>

Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, was spied on by his sister for the CIA >>>

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, plans to build £15million monument in Stratford, East London >>>

Miss Frank booted out of the X Factor last night after shocking results >>>

A leading expert on learning explains why you are cleverer than you think >>>

Leona Lewis covers Oasis track for her  forthcoming second album >>>

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Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

The 40th anniversary of the “stirrings of the internet” >>>

Doom and gloom as figures reveal Britain is still in the recession >>>

Ex-deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Brian Paddick expresses his fears over armed police patrolling estates >>>

Jan Moir writes an apology to Stephen Gately’s family >>>

Has Gwen Stafani’s softened down her image since becoming a mum? >>>

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this-is-it-header kelis

Question Time protests over BNP appearance on Question Time >>>

What do Cheryl Cole and Kelis have in common >>>

Mercedez Bunz (The Guardian) asks: Was Jan Moir’s Twitter outcry ‘orchestrated’? >>>

Michael Jackson‘s This Is It video clip >>>

Nicole Kidman‘s testimony to US Congress that Hollywood plays a part in violence against women >>>

American man arrested for making coffee in his house naked >>>

Tiffany Evans (who? I hear you ask) vents on Rihanna’s new single and the music industry >>>

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Leona Lewis was punched earlier this week at a book signing in London

Leona Lewis was punched earlier this week at a book signing in London

Baby survives after falling under a train >>>

American Judge refuses to give interracial couple a marriage license >>>

Hugh Muir’s thoughts on the BNP‘s constitution change >>>

Leona Lewis’ attacker has been charged with assault >>>

Marge Simpson to cover playboy >>>

The placebo effect: Mind over matter  >>>

Has Usain Bolt reached his physical limit? >>>

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beyonce-knowles-topshot Swine Flu Virus Evolution Barack-Obama455

Free explains, on her Global Grind celebrity blog, why she believes American president Barack Obama deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize >>>

Channel 4 shows will be available to watch on YouTube >>>

The national (UK) swine flue jab will be administered as of next week >>>

Journalist Sean Dodson’s take on the legal gray areas of Twitter >>>

A Sikh schoolboy was expelled after taking a religious dagger into school >>>

A mother that helped her 15 year old son murder a 19 year old >>>

Claims that singer Beyoncé lies about her songwriting >>>

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