The film’s catchline is: “Life is hard. Life is short. Life is painful. Life is rich. Life is….Precious.” I thought this was quite fitting considering that the film encompasses all such adjectives and emotions. It’s a movie about the power of education, the beauty we all possess within, loving who you are, motherhood and friendship.

Based on Push– a novel written by New York poet Claireece ‘Sapphire‘ Jones- it’s set in 1980s Harlem (USA), and is about an overweight, illiterate teenager who becomes pregnant for the second time by her abusive father. She is referred on by her high school to enroll in an alternative school- for troubled teens- in the hope that her life will head in a better direction. We follow her journey of her learning to read and finding the acceptance and friendship that she deserves from her classmates and teacher. Her courage to stand up to her abusive mother (played by Mo’Nique) and move away from ‘home’ to build a new, happy life for herself and her children.

The news that Precious receives in the end is extremely sad and unfortunate. Really pulled at my hear strings, but I won’t ruin it for those of you who are yet to see it.

Directed by Lee Daniels (who also produced Monster’s Ball), it’s gritty style projects an air of delicacy yet strength and Precious’ narration, though simple gives an amazing insight into her very isolated world. 

It felt as if I was watching a documentary. That’s how real the acting translated through the screen to me. I felt totally immersed.

Gabourey Sidibe (aged 24), who plays Precious, canceled the third year of her psychology major to play the role and I thought she did a pretty damn good job of it, really embodying her observant and aware character.

I didn’t think Mariah‘s performance (as Mrs Weiss, Precious’ case worker) in this was particularly wonderful but having said that, she wasn’t awful either.

Mr Lenny Kravitz plays the role of attractive, suave Nurse John (yes a male nurse).

Precious is definitely a tale of triumph! A masterful dramatisation, some may say and no doubt a socially conscious movie.

I rate this film 8.5 pearls out of 10. A must see.


Precious will be released in the UK on Friday January 29th 2010. Watch the trailer below.

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Yesterday (5th March) was World Book Day so I decided to pick up a book. I don’t usually set aside enough time to read novels, and forgot what it’s like to really get engrossed in a good read.

I actually decided to finish a book that I had abandoned reading a few months back. The Witch of Portobello by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is about a woman (Athena) born in Transylvania to a Romani mother who is orphaned and later adopted by a wealthy Lebanese couple. The book begins with the death of Athena and follows her journey to find her birth mother. It is interestingly told from the point of view of 8 people who knew Athena well. Themes present throughout the novel include religion, love, searching for one’s true self, and opening to the energies of the world.

I don’t want to give too much away but I’d recommend it. But you’ll probably find that, as I did, when you get to the middle, you kind of lose interest. Things pick up but you have to make sure you observe every detail, clue and link given otherwise things won’t make sense.