Rebecca-Monique “Pow Pow” Williams has a BA Honors degree in Journalism with Sociology.

She is a former researcher for the drivetime show on internet radio station XStream East (XSE- based in East London, England) and is also a regular contributor for citizen journalism website She is a former volunteer at Whitechapel AM (WAM), the radio station for The Royal London Hospital.

Rebecca-Monique was a regular contributor for the website of Channel 4‘s Disarming Britain season in the summer of 2008. She has also written numerous articles for her then local paper, The Ilford Recorder.

Rebecca-Monique is a former member of NANG!, an award winning youth magazine based in and around the London area for the past three years, where she was Music Editor, features writer and a sub-editor. Working with NANG! has given her opportunities to interview actor Sir Ian McKellen, actress Eva Longoria and also UK urban music grime artist Lethal B, to name but a few.

She aims to have a long lasting career in broadcast, magazine and/or online journalism.

Hi guys and gals! Welcome to my personal lifestyle blog. It’s a snippet of my day-to-day life: what I wear, buy, watch, eat & drink and do.

I’m a simple girl really, and prefer to keep things that way; I’d describe myself as maternal and homely, not least because I’m a wife and a mother to our handsome newborn son; I’m feminine rather than girly; I love reading, fashion, hair & makeup, perfume, silk scarves, pearls, photography, a good bargain (who doesn’t?) and of course my family and friends (that love is on a different level from the love I have for ‘things’). In fact, the list could go on and on. There’s not much I dislike but you’ll know about it if  something doesn’t quite float my boat.  

The fact that you’ve read all the way to this part about me means I not only have your attention but your interest too! 

Anyway, I’m rambling on (and sounding a tad bit like a singles ad) so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful world of moi: Rebecca-Monique…. 

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